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Why Should You Choose Us As Your Preferred Roofing Contractor In Valparaiso?


Here at Taylor Roofing and Siding of Valparaiso we take pride in the quality of our craftsmanship down to the finest details. We're so confident in the quality of our work we back all our work with a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee to our customers. That should give our customers the piece of mind not only during construction but many years after completion that there roof is installed to the highest of standards. We are constantly looking for new and creative techniques to better our services to our customers. There are many large roofing company's out there that have so much going on that there only focused on getting roofs done fast and collecting checks. Haste makes waste. Here at Taylor Roofing no matter the work load we encounter you can rest assured your job will be completed correctly and in a timely matter.


As stated we take pride in our work knowing we can trust in the quality of  the material we are using and services we provide. We feel confident that our customers will get decades of care free use of there roofing and/or siding. We guarantee it from our lifetime craftsman guarantee to our lifetime manufacturers material warranty. How's that for peace of mind!

The Roofing Process

This is where we shine. From the day you pick your material choices, to the completion of the job. The process is the same for each job we encounter large or small in Valparaiso. We treat our customers as if it's our "grandmas house", the attention to detail shows from the day we start. We know you worked hard and spent good money to make the landscape of your home beautiful. Here at Taylor Roofing and Siding we understand this by carefully covering and protecting your plants, decorations and other items that can be damaged during the construction process. Each and everyday our crews will detail the job site leaving your property as nice as the morning it started as, even going as far as cleaning the gutters of all debris. Each day your roof will be completely covered with underlayment and ice/water shield barrier to protect it from the elements during construction. We also have large 30" magnets on wheels to pull any stray nails that may come in contact with your lawn or drive. All this allows the home owner to relax knowing that all is being down and nothing's being left undone from start to finish.


Insurance claim Assistance :

Taylor Roofing and Siding specializes in insurance claims. We have helped hundreds of our customers in Valparaiso get claims approved that otherwise may have been denied or overlooked by there carrier. We have built a great reputation with all the insurance company's over the last two decades. This gives us a   Inner knowledge of how they work and what to do or sometimes more importantly what not to do while handling your claim. Our approach is different than most contractors that handle claims, in that we believe you get more with honesty and thorough handling, providing the "facts" being there to assist not to push a claim. This has helped our claims to move smoothly, efficiently and sometimes effortlessly.

If a claim is difficult which at times this can happen, we know from years of experience the next steps to take. This allows you the homeowner the confidence in knowing your claim will be settled in your best interest.

Previous Roofs We've Completed  In Valparaiso

Beautiful green roof performed by Taylor Roofing & Siding of Valparaiso
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Roof completed in valparaiso
Roof completed by Taylor Roofing & Siding
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Before and After of a roof we replaced in Valparaiso
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About Taylor Roofing & Siding

Taylor roofing & siding is a family owned & operated roofing company That serves Valparaiso and  north west Indiana for over 18 years. As a family owned company we care on a personal level to make sure you and your needs are first priority.

Whether it's roofing, siding, soffit, fascia, and or gutters rest assured it will be completed to the highest of standards, after all it's our last name and a lifetime craftsman guarantee backing it.

Our goal is to have you smiling from start to finish. We understand in any construction type business, a happy customer is a happy company. We want more than anything for you to recommend us any chance you get, that and that alone keeps us focused on getting your job done in a professional and timely matter.

So give us a call at (219) 987-3272  and let us wow you with what we have to offer you in services, quality craftsmanship, material and overall genuine care of your remodeling needs.

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