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Which Of The Following Damages Has Your Roof Been Affected By?


Most leaks come from areas of the roof where there is a penatration like vents, chimney flashings, pipe stacks, and skylights. Although possible, its rare to have a leak directly above the area where you notice it in your home. Skylights would be the exception here. Water will travel where there is less resistance and find its way in many areas of your home. Including but not limited to light fixtures, ridge lines, bath room and vents. Out of sight places like closets, utility rooms and inside walls can be of major concern as they go unnoticed. This is why it is a good idea to inspect your home regularly for leaks. Colored stains usually have been leaking for a while indicating possible insulation damage and/or mold growth, depending on the volume of water coming in and how quickly it dries. Leaks that are clear and damp to the touch indicate a new leak in most situations. Either way once a leak is noticed it should be taken seriously the origin found and repaired in a timely matter. Leaks can cause significant damage if left ignored and not repaired. If your uncomfortable with inspecting your home  yourself, we can do it for you at no charge and provide you with a thorough inspection and hand written estimate of repairs.     

Wind Damage

Most people rarely look up at there roof. Shingle blow off is a common problem here in the northern states. When noticed it is easily repaired for a minimum cost, but left unnoticed it can cause more blow off to occur due to the adjacent shingles being compromised. This allows wind to enter the exposed corners lifting more shingles off the roof. This can continue until noticed and repaired. So its very important to inspect your roof regularly for any blow off. But sometimes strong winds can compromise shingles without visual notice from the ground, if you notice a neighboring roof with blow off,  its a good idea to have your roof inspected. Shingles have sealant at the bottom edge of the shingle, strong winds can separate this seal. When this occurs the next strong wind can easily blow the shingles off the roof. Taylor roofing provides free inspections of your roof for piece of mind. We also provide low cost repairs if needed.

Hail Damage

Hail damage is one of the most common forms of storm damage. Hail damage is very difficult to spot from the ground, and even when on the roof it is hard to notice and recognize from an untrained eye.

We actually come across hail damage quite often. The majority of homeowners never new their roof had been effected by hail damage.

Most insurance policies have certain criteria that need to be met in order to be approved for a hail damage claim. For example, the most common criteria is  amount of hail damage within a certain square footage or the size and type of impact it creates. The amount of damage and square footage that needs to be met varies with each individual insurance provider. Taylor Roofing has worked with many insurance companies over the years. Learning a lot that can be applied to help you, we have a good reputation with them, allowing smooth quick handling of your insurance claim needs. Don,t go at it alone. The things you do not know can hurt your claim results, have someone there on your side willing and ready to answer all the questions right the first time. Taylor Roofing provides free inspection and insurance claim handling.


UV Damage

One of the most common effects of an old aged roof is curled/ buckling shingles caused by UV damage. Although this can occur do to defects in the shingle. The ultra violet rays from the sun take a toll on asphalt shingles over a period of time decreasing there integrity. UV and heat damage leave a very unattractive look to your roof increasing your chances of a leak, and lowering the value of your home.  Your roof will also be more susceptible to shingles blowing off and leaks during storms. Whether its due to a shingle defect, or simply time, age, and UV exposure we can help determine the right coarse of action to take. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you decide on filing a warranty claim through the manufacturer, contacting your insurance or simply repairing said areas of your roof.

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Brief Breakdown Of The Insurance Claim Filing Process

Find out what your policy covers

Call your insurance agent and locate your homeowners insurance policy. Its a good idea  to familiarize yourself on how it was written. All policies are not created equal, knowledge of your policy and knowing what is and is not covered, is very important in assessing your claim.

Schedule an Inspection

Once you've found out what your covered for, the next step is scheduling a free roof inspection. Once scheduled, the roofing contractor will come out to inspect the condition of your roof. Taylor Roofing provides free roof inspection and estimates to provide you with whats needed for your claim.

Schedule an Adjuster to come out

The next step is to call your insurance provider and schedule a date for an adjuster to come out and inspect your loss. It is highly recommended that you schedule your roofing contractor to meet with the adjuster. This allows the roofer the opportunity to show his findings to the adjuster, bettering your odds of approval. 

Claim Decision

Once the adjuster has assessed your loss they then will print an assessment for you and your roofing specialist to go over. These assessments can be hard to comprehend. But easily interpreted to you by our claim specialist, explaining what is or isn't included in there assessment. The contractor then can agree with the adjusters findings or bring to his/her attention anything that has been overlooked and/or omitted. This is one of many reasons to have a reputable knowledgeable roofing specialist on your side for a thorough assessment. Taylor Roofing and Siding has handled hundreds of claims over the years helping our customers have a stress free experience in there claim handling. 

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