What To Expect During the Roofing Process


One of our professionals will come to your home and simply ask some questions such as: How old is the roof? how many shingle layers might there be? Are there any current leaks? ect.

Once He has gathered the necessary information, he then will get on the roof and perform a inspection for what the roof may need, then will measure the roof to get the total square footage of the roof which can be equaled out to the amount of squares of shingles your roof will need. 

It is now time to estimate the price of the roof and go over the price and material option packages we offer to our clients to suite their budget and needs.

roof removal

Roof Removal

Roof removal is the process of removing the old shingles, pipe stack flashing, ridge vent, drip edge or what ever else is included in the contract that is to be replaced.

Under-layment Installation

synthetic roofing underlaymentUnderlayment is a protective barrier between the shingles and the roof deck. if water does happen to work its way under the shingles the under layment is used to protect the roof deck and prevent any leaks.

That is why the type of under-layment is vitally important!There are several types of under-layment but the most popular are :

  • 15 pound paper felt
  • 30 pound paper felp
  • synthetic ¬†felt

Synthetic felt is the most strongest and reliable form of felt offered and is what we recommend.

Another type of under-layment thats sole purpose is to protect the bottom edge of the roof from ice dams and water accumulation is known as Ice & water shield, it has a self adhesive backing that bonds to the roof deck ensuring that no ice can works its way under shingles and rot out the bottom edge of the roof deck.

Shingle Installation 


roofing-shinglesFinally its time to install the shingles, each one of our crew members are trained with quality in mind. All of the pipe flashing, gutter apron, drip edge, ridge vent, normal box vents can now be installed.

Installing shingles can be performed in several ways, but the more popular and efficient way is called the stair step.

This ensures that no water lines line up and water cant work its way under neath on to the roof deck.

Nailing Each Shingle

We actually nail differently then the industry standard, we nail 5 nails per shingle on low slopes and 6 on steep slopes ( standard is 4 to 5 ) this may not seem like a big difference but when placed correctly on the nail line of the shingle this one extra nail can make the difference between a blow off or surviving a bad wind storm.


Final Roof Inspection

Once the roof is completed and the property is cleaned up, the project isn't marked completed until the final inspection is completed, one of our leaders here at Taylor Roofing and Siding will perform a final inspection.

Inspecting Ground clean up and most importantly the roof. Once the everything has been inspected and all look good your home is now marked as completed.


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