<p>The 5 unexpected dangers of a leaking & Defective roof</p>

5 Dangers Of A Leaking Roof  That Can Go Unnoticed

Ignorance isn't ( always ) bliss, Knowing the potential danger of a defective or leaky roof is critical in regards to you and your family's safety. A roof is your homes barrier against the elements outside like, rain, hail, snow, ice and even critters. If your roof is defective, it puts your home's structure at risk.

Because of this, we took the time and wrote this article to help you depict whether or not your home fell victim to a roof defect or leaky roof.

Here are The 5 Unexpected Dangers of a defective or leaky roof. 


Rafter DamageCompromised Structural Support. Due to continuous water intrusion on your homes structure, caused by a leak that hasn't been resolved in timely manner. The structure of the roof such as, rafters, support beams and sheet deck, are potentially effected with mold growth and weakening your roofs structural support.

Attic ventilation chartHigher Utility Bill  is caused by poor ventilation in the attic due to your roofing ventilation system. Many homes aren't even equipped with ventilation systems such as turtle type metal vents or the more effective and conventional ridge vent. A leak can also be the cause of an increased utility bill. Water can work its way to the insulation and saturate it. Depleting insulation significantly. Raising your utility bill as a result.

Outlet fire caused by roofing leakFire Hazard is a result of a leak finding its way to your electrical wiring, most commonly when your electrical wiring is  present in the attic.The National Fire Protection Association found that U.S. fire departments reported an average of 47,820 fires involving electrical failure or malfunction.

Mold and Mildew growth Mold and mildew growth is a bi product of either a defective roofing ventilation system or a slow leaking roof that goes unnoticed. Mold and mildew can grow its way to the HVAC system and spread to the rest of the homes structure, even on carpet, clothing and furniture. 

Roof leak Ceiling DamageAttic & Ceiling Damage is caused by a leaking roof and is one of the more noticeable signs of a defective roof. Depending on the size of the leak, it can lead to interior ceiling damages, dry wall and plaster damages and even affect ceiling fans, lights and chandeliers . 


We hope this guide opens many homeowners eyes to see the true potential risks a leaking or defective roof can cause to a home. 

Don't wait for these potential scenarios happen to your home described above. It is now your responsibility to take this knowledge of the potential hazards a leaky roof and or defective roofing ventilation system can cause to a home and learn the signs of how to detect specific signs of each problem. So you can take the necessary action in order to repair and or replace your roof, before further damages are caused.

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