<p>Insurance Claim Process Tips</p>

Top 5 Tips For Filing An Insurance Claim

So your house has recently been hit by a storm, and you've spotted 1 or more of the following weather damages 1. blown off shingles 2. hail damage 3. your roof is leaking and debate whether or not you should call your insurance provider to file a claim for your loss. But then you start feeling intimidated by the claim filing process and have no idea where to even begin. So procrastination becomes the result and you delay the the Issue.

This isn't the only scenario many home owners face when it comes to weather damage. Often times, homeowners never even know their roof has any damages in the first place, such as hail damage that typically is unnoticeable to the untrained eye. That is why, having your roof inspected at least once a year is so important and is highly recommended by so many professionals. 

Don't Procrastinate!

One of the biggest mistake's a homeowner can do is delay filing a claim. The reason being is because most insurance companies have requirements, and one of them is filing a claim within a certain time frame of your loss. If your insurance provider proves that your not  in compliance with a condition in your homeowner insurance policy,  it puts you at risk of being denied the claim.

Find Out What Your Policy Covers

Locate your homeowners policy and read threw it to see what exactly your covered for. This is also a great time to see what time frame is required to file a claim for your loss. You will also find a contact number where you can file your claim with your provider.

Often times insurance providers will take into account the age of your roof to the time of your loss. For example, if your roof is say within 10 years of age, your loss maybe fully covered. Though the opposite is true as well, if your roof is over 10 years old they will only reimburse you the depreciated value of the roof. Things such as wear and tear dictate the depreciated value amount. 


It is recommended by insurance providers that homeowners provide before and after documentation of the loss, as well as previous records of estimates, invoices of any repairs performed. Be sure to update these photos after any repairs have been performed. Having these photos and documentation will help speedup and ease the claim filing process and will help ensure a proper settlement for your loss.

Have Your  Roofing Contractor Meet With The Adjuster

Once you've called your insurance provider and provided the proper documentation. They will then schedule a date with you for an adjuster to come out to your home and inspect your loss. Any reputable roofing contractor will also meet with your adjuster and help notify the adjuster of anything that he/she may have missed. It is also recommended that you choose a roofing company that has developed many relationships with multiple insurance companies. If this is the case, your contractor can work with the adjuster to help get you the claim you truly deserve.

Don't Waive Your Deductible 

Any roofing contractor willing to waive your deductible, is more then likely not a reputable, quality oriented roofing company. They typically use cheap materials and lack of quality workmanship will be evident and will more then likely offer a lousy ( limited ) craftsmanship guarantee. Also throw in the fact that it is illegal to siphon money from an insurance claim to the homeowner and it becomes clear why only the bottom end roofing contractors target these type of opportunities.

Looking To Get Your Roof Inspected?

Don't Procrastinate! Schedule a FREE no obligations, no strings attached guaranteed roof inspection today! Your chances of getting approved for a claim with Taylor Roofing&Siding by your side, are alot higher then you may think!