Tips On Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor

Top 5 Tips On Finding  A Roofing Contractor

So your roof has either just started leaking, has been leaking or simply is in need for replacement, and your now in the market for a new roof. That's great! Most home owners don't know this but a new roof can actually raise your home's value by up to 40%. 

Your roof is the barrier between mother natures elements and your homes structural support and your personal belongings, protecting it and everything inside.

This is why Finding a roofing contractor that is not only licensed, insured and bonded (as most roofing companies are). But one that also offers exceptional customer support, The highest rated roofing materials and  Quality Craftsmanship that is backed with a lifetime Guarantee is so critical!

But Trying to find a roofing contractor that offers all the things you as a home owner is looking for such as, Quality work, fast operations, customer support, quality materials and price packages that fits virtually all budgets  can be a troubling task to conquer.

So based on all of the happy clients we have acquired over the years, we have came up with a shopping list of necessity's that every home owner should be looking for in a roofing company before ever hiring one.


A roofing "professional" that hasn't got the 10, 15, 20 years of experience in the industry  hasn't been able to develop the (experience) it takes in order to provide not only great craftsmanship but also hasn't gained the necessary knowledge on what the homeowner truly wants and needs.  This leaves opportunities open for mistakes, potentially leading to a leak.Other necessities such as Customer support and customer satisfaction will also be sacrificed due tothe lack of years experience with previous clients .

Customer Support

Keep a close eye out for who answers their phone when calling the first time to schedule an estimate. This is your first impression of the company, if they cant simply answer their phone for an estimate request what impression does that give you when a question, concern or a problem pops up and you need an immediate response?


All Reliable, trusted, quality oriented roofing contractors should offer some sort of guarantee for both the materials and craftsmanship they have to offer you. Try to stick with  the ones that offer full life time guarantees for their work performed. For example, here at Taylor Roofing&Siding we offer a full lifetime craftsman guarantee, if anything happens to your roof that is craftsman related, we will repair the issue at no expense to you for the full lifetime of the shingles you decided to go with.

Materials Offered

Most Roofing companies are biased towards which material manufacturer  ( they ) believe is best for your home. Though one of the biggest reasons why they are trying to sell a specific product to you is because of bulk order discounts they get for giving a specific manufacture the majority of their business. Do not fall for this, do your research and look for a shingle manufacture that offers a good warranty, and one that is highly rated by both (consumers) and contractors.

Our Professionals at Taylor Roofing&Siding highly suggest 2 shingle manufactures, 1. IKO and 2. Owens Corning, both having their pros and cons over the other. Though we recommend these two different options for various reasons, you are still open for any other suggestions you may want installed on your home.

Insurance Claims

So your looking to get a insurance claim to cover your loss, but have no idea where to begin. This is where hiring a roofing professional that is experienced with insurance claims is critical. The roofer should meet with the insurance adjuster on the scheduled inspection day, in order to help point out any unnoticed damages the adjuster would have otherwise left out. If you happen to need it, They should also help you threw step by step with the claim filing process. Be aware of contractors that offer to bypass your deductible in an attempt to win over your business, this can lead to major legal problems. these roofing "professionals" are typically the lower end of contractors who aren't to concerned about quality, customer support and ultimately your satisfaction.

If you follow these 5 tips of advice, you will be on the right path on finding a reliable, quality oriented roofing contractor, that will provide the most ( Value ) for your investment.

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