Will A New Roof Lower My Utility Bill?

Ever wonder if there's a way to lower your utility bill? Well guess what, there is actually a multitude of ways in order to accomplish a lower rate. To understand how you can go about reducing your utility bill, you first need to understand what is causing your ac/furnace to over work in the first place ultimately resulting in a higher bill at the end of the month.

There are multiple vulnerable components of your home that will cause a higher utilty bill but the most common
are :

  1. Roof
  2. windows
  3. Doors
  4. insulation

These 4 components are what make up 90% of increased energy usage. Today were going to go over the category #1, Your Roof.

How can a defective roofing system increase energy costs?

There are primarily 2 reasons why your roof may be the cause of your increased rate. #1 Your roof may be leaking, even the slowest most sudle leaks can cause astronomically increased rates primarily because water will work its way to your homes insulation, resulting in inadequate insulation which will then cause your AC or furnace to over work wasting energy.

The other culprate is your roof's ventilation system. If your roof isn't ventilated correctly it can  trap  hot air in your attic In warm weather causing your AC unit to over work resulting in an increased energy bill. Also  insufficient attic ventilation in both hot or cold weather conditions will cause moisture development that will then drip on to your homes insulation resulting in a similar outcome as example #1.

Now that you understand what can cause your utility bill to be higher then normal, now its time to discuss how we go about correcting these issues.

Roof Repair Or Replacement

Repairing your roof of any damages that may have been causing a leak is the the first step towards reducing your utility bill. In many cases, a roof may be in need of a full replacement in order to to stop any further damages from occurring. once you have stopped the leak by repairing or replacing your roof, the next step is to replace drywall and insulation that may have been affected with water damage.

Opting for ridge vent when replacing your roof is a great way to optimize your attic ventilation. This will ensure no air is trapped in your attic helping your AC unit and furnace run more efficiently resulting in a lower energy bill. It will also prevent any moisture from developing in your attic increasing insulation efforts.

As you can see replacing your roof really can lower your utility bill and  in some  cases even drastically  depending on the level of ventilation inefficiency  and insulation rating your home is currently at.

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